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Wise Dreams: Subtle Messages from the Inner Self
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Many dreams contain messages of wisdom and insight
meant to improve and enrich your life...

Learn how to receive messages from your dreams in a
Wise Dreams Workshop or other Wise Dreams event

Messages hidden in your dreams    Topics include:
  • The origin of dream messages and the nature of inner guidance
  • The authority of the dreamer
  • How symbols appearing in your dreams represent specific personal meanings
  • How connecting identified symbols reveal the message in your dream
  • Nightmares and recurring dreams
  • How to tell the dreams with messages from those without messages
  • The empowering effects of discovering the messages in your dreams

Participants are encouraged to bring a vivid dream of your own and a pad to write on.
No events are currently scheduled.

Workshops or other events can be arranged by contacting
wisedreams56@gmail.com or calling 828-863-4384.

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