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Wise Dreams: Subtle Messages from the Inner Self
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Reviews of Wise Dreams: Subtle Messages from the Inner Self

"I have studied and written down my dreams for over 25 years now and have come across various methods of interpreting them. Some methods are very long and complicated, some have left me still unsure about the meanings I was seeking to find. I have to say that the technique that Rebecca Cleland introduces to the viewer in her book "Wise Dreams" is the simplest, most straight forward one I have come across. Often I get the answers coming through me after asking just the first couple of questions [on the provided form]. Her personal dream stories are also very enlightening and her sense of humor is fresh. I thank Rebecca for writing this book. It has helped me a great deal with the interpretation process." --V. Van Vynckt

"This book is indeed wise. Rather than a 'how-to' book, it is a 'show and tell' book, that inspires one to look at one's own dreams in a new light. I found Ms. Cleland's vulnerable, honest, open sharing of her dreams and visions quite refreshing and it gave me permission to be the same way. Her modeling of how she uses her dreams to read messages from her inner (and higher) self (selves) was a far more effective way of instilling similar habits in me than merely telling me what to do. I learn best by observing others, so this was the perfect book for me. She does provide a very useful form at the end as a template for recording and decoding one's dreams. She is also a consummate story teller and I was riveted by her writing, wanting to savor it, but at the same time, not able to put the book down. Thank you for this wonderful and wise book!" --Bonnie Jean Shulman

"... I was relieved to find that Wise Dreams, whose aim is to show the reader how to seek the inner wisdom of their own dreams, was not simply another one-size-fits-all interpretation of scenarios; this book instead takes the dreamer inside for insights, rather than pinning interpretations on the opinions of someone else. ..." --Cat Piggott

"... Rebecca Cleland's openness and frank evaluations of her own dreams provide a wonderful model for how to explore and expand the inner journey. It's a truly useful book, written with insight and love."

"It is possible that a great message will arrive from a distant place or time. It may come in the form of ancient writings or from a friend's recent advice. Or maybe....just maybe...a great message will arrive from within. Good and healing suggestions constantly spring forth in dreams, but daily living leaves most of us too distracted to hear them. Rebecca Cleland clearly has learned--and now shares--how to listen for that still, quiet voice within." --John Innes

"'Wise Dreams' makes me wonder why it took me so long to get a grip on my own dreams. I enjoyed the beautiful language and insight into her dreams and my own." --Judy Hughes

"I think you really nailed the reasons why keeping track of one's dreams can become so rewarding for the person."–J. Kuehnel

"Great insight and wisdom. I really like how this author thinks and makes me think about my own dreams. Just love Ms. Cleland's writing and artistry." --Debi L. Brown

"I believe one of the way the subconscious speaks to us is through our dreams. I never remember my dreams when I wake up and when I do remember fragments they don't make sense. This book shows me just how easy it can be to train myself to remember my dreams and learn from them. I look forward to putting this into practice in my own life." --'RatingItWright'

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